Tory Lane and Teal Conrad - Must Get Off!

Tory Lane here with Teal Conrad, bringing you nothing but the good stuff - get ready to watch two smoking hot brunettes lay together on the couch with our toys, and help each other get off! That's what we're all here for, right? We're fucking our big hard toys and sucking on each others' nipples until we damn near slide off the couch in this one... and it feels so good!

Length: 06:08     Pictures: 66     Starring: Teal Conrad,Tory Lane

Tory Lane Double Penetrates Herself

Tory Lane here with my toys and camera crew, ready to hit you all with a blast wave of hot lust! The set might be colorful and the lighting might be perfect, but you know I'll keep it nasty... and I can't wait until you're watching me shove both of these hard dildos deep inside me! That's right, I might be doing this gonzo video solo, but I'm getting double penetrated even if I have to do it myself...

Length: 06:47     Pictures: 82     Starring: Tory Lane

Tory Lane Trains New Office Slut Teal Conrad

Tory Lane is here with Teal Conrad to bring you a threesome featuring two savagely horny brunettes who go all out to satisfy our every lust! Teal plays the new girl who thinks she's being interviewed for a job, but I'm here to cut the shit and make sure this slut knows how to keep my boss's dick satisfied. He likes it when a woman goes apeshit all over his dick, and Teal definitely gets the Tory Lane stamp of approval with her crazy lust in this scene!

Length: 19:52     Pictures: 82     Starring: Teal Conrad,Tory Lane

Tory Lane Puts a Leash on Teal Conrad

Teal Conrad is here to join me, Tory Lane, for 22 gonzo minutes and some of the kinkiest lesbian sex you'll ever see! Nothing's as wild as what you'll see when the two of us have all the toys, a big bed, plenty of leather, and no distractions! We do everything from double vaginal penetration to literally swapping spit, plus plenty of aggressive training for my pretty partner on a leash...

Length: 22:23     Pictures: 104     Starring: Teal Conrad,Tory Lane

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